AI and Automation in Manufacturing: Planning for the Future Workforce

In this innovative webinar, we delve into the transformative impacts of AI in manufacturing and the crucial role of workforce training in this technological evolution. Our panelists, industry experts at the forefront of AI and automation integration in manufacturing, address key questions shaping the future of workforce development. 

Topics Discussed Include: 

  • An overview of AI technologies that could revolutionize manufacturing processes.

  • How manufacturers are putting initiatives in place to train employees in AI.

  • How to optimize collaboration between humans and AI for maximum productivity and innovation.

  • How companies are addressing the skills gap and training needs of their workforce.


Jonathan Hodges

Jonathan spent the last 14 years building SaaS-based AI and data products and leveraging analytics to optimize internal business processes. This includes leading smaller to larger 100+ size teams of data professionals (data scientists, ML and data engineers, architects, analysts) and bringing value to organizations through AI and data monetization strategies and execution.

Tuesday Strong

Tuesday helps engineers improve their effectiveness through coaching and professional development programs. Tuesday authored,  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the Age of AI: Navigating the Intersection of Human and Machine Intelligence in Advanced Manufacturing, a training program designed to support engineering managers.

Cliff Wiles

Cliff started with Farmland Foods in 1975 in Crete Nebraska. Became Plant Manager of the Farmland Foods facility in Monmouth Illinois in 1996.  Continued Plant Manager roles with IBP (Tyson) and Cargill until retirement in 2022. Understands the significant change that automation and AI will have on the roles and responsibilities within the manufacturing plant.


More About WorkForge

Who is WorkForge?

WorkForge is a comprehensive eLearning solution designed to elevate employee knowledge, retention, and professional development through engaging and interactive digital content. What sets us apart is our unique “one-stop shop” approach, encompassing off-the-shelf learning content, customizable options, a robust Learning Management System (LMS), and consulting services – all seamlessly integrated under a single vendor.

What problems does WorkForge solve?

The food manufacturing industry is currently grappling with significant workforce challenges, chiefly stemming from an aging workforce and a shortage of skilled labor. A critical skills gap is also on the rise, propelled by rapid technological advancements necessitating specialized knowledge in automation and digital technologies. 

In response, manufacturers find themselves compelled to invest in their workforce – not solely for compliance reasons but as a strategic move to attract and retain talent. Enter WorkForge Learning and Development (L&D) solutions, designed to empower manufacturers with the skills essential for safe and effective job performance. 

  • Navigating Compliance
  • Uniformity Across Shifts
  • Prioritizing Health and Safety
  • Skills Evolution
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Engaging Workforce
  • Leadership Development
  • Impact Assessment
  • Cultural Inclusivity

What solutions does WorkForge offer?

WorkForge offers a comprehensive suite of Learning and Development (L&D) solutions. From preexisting content to custom-designed modules, a cutting-edge Learning Management System, and expert consulting services, WorkForge covers every aspect of the manufacturing employee lifecycle.

  • Pathways
    A library of 900+ modules organized into pathways covering critical skills for onboarding, upskilling, and introducing new skills.

  • Custom Content
    WorkForge’s instructional design and development teams create bespoke L&D content tailored to your manufacturing training needs.

  • Learning Management System
    For those without an existing LMS, WorkForge offers a scalable, customizable solution designed for the manufacturing market.

  • Technology Enablement
    WorkForge provides consulting services for seamless deployment of L&D solutions and LMS.


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