Incorporating Learning and Development into Your Workplace: A Webinar Recap

This webinar provided a comprehensive look at how WorkForge's supports PPC Flex’s training and development initiatives focused on holistic training.

Effective training and development can be the differentiator between an average company and an exceptional one. WorkForge recently hosted a webinar that spotlighted Lisa Miller, the Director of Corporate HR in Training and Development at PPC Flex.    

Lisa has over 20 years of experience in HR, focusing on people strategy, talent development, total rewards, and culture transformation. Her extensive experience includes working with WorkForge in previous roles at Triumph Foods, Greater Omaha, and most recently, PPC Flexible Packaging. 

Lisa discussed how she leverages WorkForge to support the PPC Academy and her philosophy of holistic training and inspiration. She shared, “we focus on the whole person. And that is why I like the PPC Academy because it is about lifelong learning. That is my approach when I think about team members and how they need to be inspired every day.” 

During the session, Lisa covered many topics, but three key themes that emerged: 

1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Incorporating the Skills Matrx

Lisa’s philosophy on KPIs is focusing on keeping employees informed, involved, interested, and inspired to have continuous development. She then introduced how they leverage the skills matrix—a real-time cloud-based program that tracks employee training and their progress toward career goals. 

Previously managed through Excel spreadsheets, the matrix is now integrated into WorkForge's Learning Management System (LMS), allowing for real-time updates and seamless access for supervisors to know how they can adjust to turnover, sick days, and more.   

“George didn’t show up, and he has the knowledge on press four. So, I'm going to go and see who else I can move to press four. And you go right into WorkForge and you can see that data right there. And that’s really a game-changer” 

2. Job Task Analysis and Leadership Development 

WorkForge supports PPC Flex's use of Job Task Analysis (JTA), qualifying employees for different tasks and allowing them to progress in their career paths more efficiently. This also leads to tangible benefits, such as faster pay progression and more motivation for employees. 

Beyond direct labor, Lisa highlighted the importance of leadership development for new managers and executives. WorkForge's system offers pathways and training programs for both seasoned and new leaders, ensuring a continuous flow of growth within the company.     

3. Engagement, Retention, and Success Rates 


This webinar provided a comprehensive look at how WorkForge's platform supports PPC Flex’s training and development initiatives.  Through these efforts, PPC Flex has seen: 

  • Turnover drop from 30% to 24%  
  • Training engagement increased 42% after switching to WorkForge 
  • Reductions in scrap and calls related to quality issues 
  • Splitter training reduced from over six months, to just four and a half months with improved quality 

Lisa’s holistic approach, focusing on the whole person and lifelong learning, resonates deeply with WorkForge's mission. By leveraging tools like Key Performance Indicators and the Skills Matrix, PPC Flex has seen remarkable improvements in employee engagement, retention, and overall success rates. From streamlining job task analysis to nurturing leadership development, WorkForge's platform has played a pivotal role in PPC Flex's journey towards excellence. As Lisa's testimonial and the tangible results demonstrate, investing in learning and development isn't just a business strategy—it's a catalyst for organizational growth. 


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